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Gilmore Music offers you great quality, great service, and great products. We are here to serve you and our surrounding community. We are a great place for quality repairs and excellent music lessons for kids and adults. Gilmore’s also provides a rehearsal and recording studio with practice rooms. Building long-term relationships with our customers are what Gilmore Music strongly promotes. We go to great lengths to ensure our clients receive first-rate service and products. 

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Wind & Brass
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We understand that all students learn differently, that is why we have a wide variety of instructors for all types of students.

Music Studio

We provide a creative space for artists to thrive by offering a sound proof studio, that way you can jam out to your heart’s desire.

Rental Program

We have rental programs for every instrument, and we strive to make it easier for students to have what they need to learn to their best ability.


We give you quality instruments without the expensive price tag, so you can go home feeling like your money was well spent.


Repairs are done by professionals who also love music. We want your instruments to feel almost brand new, but with a touch of Gilmore music.

Music Lessons

We show our passion for music through lessons taught to our students, and even better by having instructors that are more than qualified.

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • I took lessons over a year ago and recently returned to continue my lessons with Pedro at Gilmore music. Pedro's awesome! He has really taught me lots of new stuff while cleaning up some of the bad habits I've acquired in the layoff. I've really noticed a vast improvement in my playing, and I'm totally happy that I've returned.

    Curtis D.
  • Etien at Gilmore music was very helpful in helping me restring a ukulele with good sounding results and providing an inexpensive case to protect it with. I would recommend anyone with any musical issues especially for stringed instruments to go to the store. They also do amplifier repair work.

    John W.
  • Easy. Needed a ukulele strap, walked in and found one. I bought it. Then I walked out. They helped me. They were great. Five stars mayne.

    Daniel S.
  • Needed a ukulele for a class I had signed up for. The person who helped me (can't make out the name on the receipt but looks like last letters are AB) knew what he was doing. He explained the different types and makes and gave me plenty of time to try out the great selection before I chose one. Also offered good advice on cases and showed me how to tune it.  It was an ideal purchasing experience.

    Sally M.
  • Came here during our lunch break with my coworker. She was looking for a guitar pick for her SO. He plays the guitar so yeah. Anyway, she wanted to be creative and thought of making that guitar pick as a pendant. Problem is not all guitar picks have holes in them. So we asked the guys to see if they can help us put a hole in the guitar pick we chose. We chose the pick that seemed to be made of fiber glass with an image of a guitar in the center to be more special for her SO. It would be easier if we selected a plastic guitar pick and a hole can be easily punched to it but we didn't. Instead of declining and saying flat out no to our request, the guys at Gilmore tried to help us. We offered to pay still even if it turned out that the guitar pick would get destroyed in the process. Luckily, the equipment they use to put a hole in the guitar pick worked. They didn't even charge extra for that additional service and for that to me is going above and beyond. We left very happy and accomplished. Then off we go to buy the chain for it.

    Lynsey L.
  • Always have had great, honest, high-quality electronics work on gear here. Pedal repairs, custom guitar cable work, and amp tune ups have been awesome every time.  I have referred several friends here and they felt the same. Good "old school" feel in there.  Pedro went above and beyond to find needed parts on a recent job and ensured attention to detail on the look of the final product matched his great work. Thanks, guys!  I will be taking my business back here for sure.

    Eric K.
  • I decided to get my 9 year old son some guitar lessons. I searched all over in my area for reasonable prices for guitar lessons until I came across Gilmore Music. This store has such an array of instruments, instrument supplies, a music workshop, and  much more. Not to mention great prices and wonderful employees. But what topped it all off for me is the guitar lessons that my son receives at Gilmore Music.  Pedro R. his music teacher is an amazing music teacher and musician. He's patient with my son, attentive, knowledgable, and passionate about music and about my son learning to play the guitar not only for now, but for a lifetime. I appreciate how he challenges my son and gives him so much encouragement and positive reinforcement. It's amazing how much my son has progressed in just 6 short months with Pedro. Without any prior Music knowledge, my 9 year old son has learned chords, chord formations, chord sequences, and so much more! Gilmore Music and Pedro have exceeded all my expectations. I'm so happy I found this place. I couldn't be happier.

    Mama M.
  • Tien definitely is a great and patient salesperson! He sold me a bass along with accessories and I got a great deal! Just came back for a pedal and some cables and I leave every time really satisfied and happy. Support small music businesses! Every little bit counts! whenever I am in long beach, I come by and make sure to pick up what I need!

    Sofia Z.
  • Really good place! They try to help you out in any way they can. It's especially good if your just starting a new instrument and need some guidance on which on to buy or how to start playing it. They're also very good about fixing broken instruments. Overall, great place!

    Aly G.
  • Great experience at Gilmore's took in my Jackson so I could get it fined tune after receiving a business ending attitude at sam ash Hawthorne, but overall good experience and fast if anything I was late picking it up.

    Jackie G.
  • Patient, helpful and great pricing! I came here last August to buy my first guitar. I've played the piano for over 40 hears but I really want to try something new. The salesman was very helpful and gave me a great price on my entire setup. Lessons were a snap. The store has a cast of teachers to choose from. Pedro has taught me the basics. Patiently waiting for my "piano brain to convert". I appreciate building a strong foundation with the basics and PROPER technique! Lessons are affordable and flexible. The front counter guys are super kind with beginners - judgment-free.

    Stacy P.
  • I had a wonderful experience at Gilmore Music!  I took my turntable in for repair, and Andre was very knowledgeable, thorough, and extremely helpful.  I felt like I'd gone back into the past to a time where great service was more then norm vs. the rarity.  I would highly recommend Gilmore Music not only for repairs, but for the variety of merchandise offered, and the personable service.  I will be back!

    Marcia G.
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