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Gilmore Music founded by my father, Glenn Gilmore in 1944 at 1935 E. 7TH St., Long Beach, California. We are still here today, which makes this location a historic attraction. His dream was to share his love of music. Glenn was self-taught in the art of repair and was sought after by professionals and school districts in Southern California, for instrument repairs. What better way to do this than through instrument repair and music lessons to the community. His passion attracted instructors who wanted to hear about us. Gilmore Music expanded into retail sales of all varieties of instruments played in the orchestra, concert band, and jazz.

From there on, I, Clint Gilmore continued the tradition. As second-generation proprietor operating the store, many things have changed. Since the inception of the store, we have introduced different genres of music, most prominently Rock N Roll. The electric guitar and bass were brought to the instrument family. These types of instruments dominated sales in our store for the last 47 years. The Beatles and Rolling Stones-influenced the youth who came to Gilmore Music for Vox and Fender electric instruments. We stocked the same instruments as these famous bands. In addition, we greatly increased the square footage of the with the adding of a larger showroom, warehouse, and recording studio.

Gilmore Music has served the community for 73 years thanks to our faithful customers and their continued support.

A Letter from Mr. Clint Gilmore


Hi, my name is Clint Gilmore and I come from three generations of music professionals here in Long Beach.  My grandfather, Cortland Gilmore, directed a number of concert and marching bands in this community including the Southern California Military Academy in Signal Hill. I’ve been managing Gilmore Music Store since 1988. Prior to that my father, Glenn Gilmore, opened his store in 1944 and ran it until I began to assume management. All the pictures of the store on our “about us page” show how the store looked then.  By the time I took over, I had already been doing sales and had learned the art of playing and repairing of all the instruments  Gilmore Music sells. The only thing left to learn was managing the office files and banking.  Staying on top of the ever diverse changes to our community,  I began to widen the variety of instruments we sold adding Ethnic instruments, Repair and sales of Turntable/Record Players, electronics and accessories, Gift items/tee shirts etc., as well as opening a recording/rehearsal space in the rear of the store. Next time you are in Long Beach or my neighborhood, stop by and visit, look around, share your musical experiences, or get help with any of your musical needs.  We look forward to meeting you.  Thanks

Clint Gilmore

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