Why Should You Choose Our Rental Program

1. No monthly rental payments.

No credit checks, no early return fees, and no late fees.

2. Cheaper price for more savings over time.

Because our instruments are less expensive, less money is spent over the duration of the school year.

3. We offer a full year warranty.

Guaranteed coverage on any defects and normal wear. No extra fees for in-house repairs!

How It Works

The instrument is purchased at the beginning of the school year and used by the student for usually the whole school year. At this point, the instrument belongs to you. However, you don’t have to keep it if it isn’t needed anymore, you can return it and at that time a rental fee will be calculated and a refund will be issued.


How to compare instrument rentals?

Check out this article about instrument rentals

2 Month Minimum for all Band Instruments
Prices Subject to Change Without Notice

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